Set your friends a challenge.

Say ‘Hi’ to Man Up. This is where you have the power to set challenges for your friends to either accomplish with greatness, or fail miserably.

Create any kind of challenge you want.

It could be something epic like scaling The Great Wall of China or as simple as licking your elbow, it’s down to you. Anything goes, bro (and gal).

Prove to everyone you are the dogs doodahs.

Earn points by completing the challenges from your friends and forever claim bragging rights. How damn annoying that would be! Thank us later.

Things people did for Man Up Kudos…


John Bellinski

"Walked home from the pub, backwards whilst reciting the national anthem. "


Scott Johnson

"Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro naked. Yeah. Really."


Jessica Vondebar

"Successfully balanced an orange on her head for 60 seconds whilst standing on one leg."

p.s. Man Up take no responsibility for challenges which endanger peoples lives i.e.

involving fire or throwing knives. See terms & conditions.

It’s simple. Accept it. Complete it. Get stuff.

As well as taking some pretty sweet points from your friends, you’ll get the change to grab some badass achievement badges and get on that winner’s board.


More banter than The Arch Bishop.

For those of you who’ve taken on a challenge, give your other friends a hard time or just brag a lil’ in the in-app comments.


A lot easier than a pie eating contest.

Creating a challenge is simple; select a difficulty, choose a category, expiry date and invite your friends. Feeling cocky? Add an extra wager to the mix.


Find new friends to challenge.

Complete your profile and find other friends to earn more points and even more kudos.

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